Thursday, 28 June 2012

a sign between friend


i have thousand friends in life.perhaps.but i am not writing about all of them today
i am just want to write about a friend or  i can say a special friend in my heart.
 not mentioning the name and i will call her as Miss A.
i had found Miss A  on a wonderful place in Malaysia of course
we had been studying together for couple of years
although we had been separated to choose our own life(career),the feeling of strong friendship still exist in me

why i am touching,touching today???

back to the story,
we are still connected
not using  FACEBOOK,,TWITTER or etc
but we used the medium of MESSAGE
more privacy i guess,
n make it more interesting is
we textim sometimes..not frequently..
which has a deep meaning that we will textim when we think of  each other

on 25th  june 2012
i got a message from her..seriously,,it has such of  the wonderful words,,it says
 "wandering the streets in the world,underneath it all nothing seems to be,
         nothing tastes as sweet as what i can't have,like you
         and i have and cannon ball into the water,for you i will,
         forgive  me if i stutter from all of  the clutter in my head because  i could fall asleep

         in those eyes like waterbed,do i seem familiar?
         i have crossed you in hallways a thousand times,

         no more camouflage i wanna be exposed and not be afraid to fall 

         we always want what we can't have but i have got to try

         i'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence i have
         for you i will..for you i will "

:p.till here


Wednesday, 27 June 2012


hai uolls

i'm kinda obsess with these two songs lately
since i listen these almost everyday
well,this is e way i am
if  i'm too obsess with sumtim
i will keep repeating myself to do it
then,,after i'm bored
i will stop n move on to e another songs..LOL

so,,,these lovely n awesome songs r

                                     we are young

                                              rumour has it

well,,these songs bring no meaning at all
no worries
no secret will be revealed,,LOL
i'm just bliss listening these
tii here,,

Monday, 25 June 2012

just me and twilight

hye guyz,,,

act,,2 day i got notim 2 do
my boss didn't give any work 4 me 2day +++ he was not here
so i decide to write this entry to you
its all about the STEPHANIE MEYER!!!

when talk about STEPHANIE MEYER
everybody will talk about TWILIGHT SAGA
she create them dude
no wonder everybody r talking about them

meebe this book had been  released on 200*
not a new one
i keeping to read this book without feeling bored


i have a great interest about the characters in this book
n i am not talking about
i do not like her preety much
as i dun like the way she treats my JACOB BLACK
act,,undeniable,,i'm envy at her
she able to make two hot and handsome guys fall in love at her
well,,she do not deserve them
*macam la i deserve sngat
no offend
just joking

lets talk about JACOB  BLACK
well,,in the BREAKING DAWN
he imprinted RENESMEE
that is Edward's daughter
i dun not really know wat the imprint means
it is like falling in love at first sight
wat so special about the imprint things is
you may fall in love with the girl : any age,,even she is 2 years old or 86 years old
  2.she is e daughter of ur enemy
  3.she is hideous or bla..bla..bla

,luckily JACOB get a cute RENESMEE,,if not????
juz u imagine wat will happened ???

wat about EDWARD CULLEN???
for me i think he is a guy that full of good quality to be  a hubby
except,,the vampire things
full of fury to have a husband that is vampire
i dun now on how BELLA can resist with him
or i can say dat on how BELLA can resist with this superstitious things
it seems dat she is marked for this absurd things
poor BELLA

anyway,,,with all of BELLA somberness
if  i am BELLA
i willing to choose my HUMAN LIFE rather than involving myself with the ridiculousness that happened around me
if i am BELLA i will get back to the phoenix with my mum
if i am BELLA
i will fall in love with the mortal one

i dun really think that BELLA made e wrong choice
it is juz like u r against the normal life
n for me i can't accept it
meebe BELLA love to do the strange things
dats y she chose EDWARD CULLEN
till here i guess,,

p/S : i'm so eager to watch breaking dawn part two this coming november,,,

a walk to remember


this entry act for the book yg da lame gile i nk bace
still dun have an ample time nk p mph or kino to buy thiz

 i know
thiz book is not a new one
i love this book damn much,,,
x sabr nk p beli
my sis keep promising that she will buy one for me
but still now janji hanya tinggal janji
kalau x silap aq
ade gak movie psal buku niew
standard la NICHOLAS SPARK  punya  buku kan
mostly will become a movie
*channing tatum in DEAR JOHN is my favourite*

till here i guess
nnty kalau i da dpat buku tue
i will make another entry about that
till here,,


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

fabolous job ever


it has been a long time i didn't post anything here
so bz with study
in fact,,there is no access to internet there
if  i want to on9,,i will borrow the lappy+broadband with NINEY OR FATIN
well thankz buddies
no worry,,its freeeeeeeee

well,,rite now i dah leisure sket
no more omwerk
no more lecture
no more tutorial class

even dah free from hectic life,,,
 even i have 4 more months  tuk duduk saje2
there is still something that keep bothering my mind
i dun know what is it
but i still dun feel the inner peace that i looking for
meebe i will find it on one fine day
in future
after i finish my degree+master+PhD,,,,get a better job,,,able to devote myself fully to ALLAH,,,
dpat balas jasa mek ngan ayah

rite know,,,
i get a job
sounds tough rite
not so tough la 
leisure2 je

b4 this i never know wat is MILEAGE,,wat is PETTY CASH n bla..bla..bla..
but know they are just a piece of cake to me
believe it???
i'm manage to do the salary to the ABA MANUFACTURINF SDN BHD
even this is not a giant company
i still feel proud of myself
at least i can do sumtim that r totally different with my studies
but now i have  to be an expert accountant
its okay
a new experience
till here i guess....
no more ideas pop up in my mind anymore


azliana abdullah

p/s:last nite i watch THE LEGEND OF ZORRO,i luv to see  ALEJANDRO aka ZORRO,,,luv his appearence when he became 
DON ALEJANDRO,,haha,,*giggling