Thursday, 26 July 2012


 Salam uolls,

I feel like i want to write.But i don't know what to say.No ideas.Okey.Maybe i should talk about my routine for this RAMADAN.Nothing change to much.Just ordinary things i do.Everyday,after work i will go to bazar Ramadan *my sister in law used to call it as bazir RAMADAN*,then i will berbuka puasa with my beloved family.Then together with my family,we perform solat terawih together at the mosque.Then,after coming back from terawih we will have some moreh(mknn after terawih).Then the next day we'll do the same sounds boring is what we call as routine.

Hopefully there is miracle happened in this glorious month.Maybe i should i think of something to change my routine.To make my routine become more interesting.I should plan it carefully.Yes,I will..hahahaha

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

dear azliana..(part one )

dear azliana,,

for this upcoming September,you need to be more mature.This is the list that you should or shouldn't do starting on 2 September 2012

  1. remember Allah,Rasululluh,parents and family always
  2. no more tears (homesick)
  3. be a strong girl
  4. do not care what people said about you (be happy the way you are)
  5. focus on study (study smart)
  6. achieve the excellent
  7. make your parents proud of you
  8. never negligate your parents and sibling
  9. help the needy
  10. be independent
  11. be a soft-spoken girl (i wish i could do that)
  12. do not underestime the other person
  13. stop from the day dreaming
  14. do the extraordinary things
  15. be brave
  16. do not hesitate to ask
  17. think out of the box
  18. avoid argument with Watie (i try my hardest)
  19. fulfill your dream*giggled
  20. be more understanding person
  21. be calm in any circumstances
  22. control your anger
  23. smile 
  24. love yourself
  25. avoid anything that endanger you
to be continued.....

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

the four letter words (L.O.V.E)

Salam uolls

Just read one of my favorite blogs a couple of minutes ago.She tells on how sadness overwhelm her after broke up with her beloved.I could sense the loneliness that seized her.For me,she is so fragile.Just piece of advice to her if she don't mind.Chill out girl!!it is not the end of the world yet.

Sometimes when i read from the novels  or when i heard this kind of cinta tak kesampaian nie,make myself wonder bout this Love means.I never experienced one actually.Just wanna know what Love capable to do to this homosapien. It is able to make us grieving or happy in our entire life??

Seriously i have no idea about this. Some people said that  love is a something beautiful and magnificent. That is why people immortalize this beautiful love stories of Romeo and Juliet  or Johny Cash and June Carter in movies,poems ,and songs. By the way,it is  what Westerners claim about love. They serve us about the wonderful life of being loved by a someone,then they show us on how a couple should acted when being together.Everything they show us was beyond our normal  mind.Absurd scenes are inevitable and some of us tend to follow it.


After i google to find out the Islam's perception about love,i found this. From Islam's view,they do not say love is halal or haram as it only the feeling.It is depend on us to control this things.Usually,when people fall in love they are far  from the pure and clean atmosphere.

 “If we are speaking about the emotion which we call “love” then we are simply speaking of a feeling. What we feel toward a particular person is not of great importance, until our feeling is expressed in a particular action. Now if that action is permissible, then well and good. If it is forbidden, then we have incurred something that Allah does not approve of. If it is love between a man and a woman, the emotion itself is not the subject of questioning on the Day of Judgment. If you feel you love someone, then you cannot control your feeling. If that love prompts you to try to see that person in secret and to give expression to your feelings in actions permissible only within the bond of marriage then what you are doing is forbidden.”
Lets  me leave you with these,

When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saw a young man merely looking at a young woman, he turned his head so as to make him look away, then he said:
“I saw a young man and a young woman, and I did not trust the shaytaan not to tempt them.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (885) and classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

till here,,

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

tester cake

Salam uolls

Now i want to talk about a book that was written by DANIELLE STEEL. It is BIG GIRL.Well,i am not finish reading this yet as i am instantly not interested to read the entire book.I am just attracted to the words 'tester cake' that she use when wrote this book.

Generally,this book tells us about a girl that is not fat but having the size bigger than the other kids at her age.They call her fat big girl.She was born in a wealthy family and having good looking parents.Her father loves  teasing her as 'tester cake' and always compare Victoria(big girl) with her beautiful and thin frame sister,Grace.

Well i am confused whether that kind of  parents is still exist in this world or not.It is absolutely absurd.Why should we discriminate our child like that.We have no right to do i talking like i am a good parent??Actually,i have no child.No worries.It is just that i am not so satisfied with them.Why her father calls her as 'tester cake'.Is it because of her figure and her appearance that are not attractive  like her sister.Grace??

Supposedly.every child should be treated equally.Like i said before,no discrimination is allowed.Thanks God  i have such a  wonderful parents.They treat us in a remarkable ways.

And now i know what is the meaning of family  happiness.It is not like having a rich parents that indulge you and giving you everything you want.A good parents will accept you just the way you are.That  is enough to bring a true

till here,

praise be to ALLAH

hai uolls

gratitude to ALLAH that knows what is the best for HIS slave.Even i always hurt you,sometimes i do not fully devote myself to you,but you mercy to me remains.What i got was beyond my expectation.I really want that thing before but i am afraid to expect to much.Afraid that it will hurt me after this.But know i really appreciate on what i get.It is undeniable on how happy i am right now

On 13th JULY 2012
I got a message saying  that i am accepted to pursue my studies at UNIVERSITY TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA.That news make my heart trembles with joy until now.Thank you ALLAH.I know it is the only of beginning.There is a lot of obstacles that i need to face in my life. Oh ALLAH please be with me in any circumstances and please guide me to the right way.I am really satistfied.But when thinking on how to adapt myself on stranger place really bugged me.All kind of feeling makes a perfect combination right now.I am afraid but in the same time i am happy.It is what people call as hormone  imbalance??I do not really know.What i know right now is i do not fully prepare to go there and becoming a mahasiswi.It is pretty though i guess. No longer a kid that able to play around and do the funny things. No more childish things that i can bring along with me there.In fact,,i am alone there and no friends will accompany.At matriculation i am  with Niney.She stayed next to my room.If my roommates back to their home during weekend,i will be at her room all the time.Not forgetting my  beloved roommates that cherish my life.I love being there.Laughing,making jokes  and we did many crazy  things there.

I believe that all that kind of things will change.I strongly believe that.Maybe i should fully prepare to face these.Help me ALLAH.T-T

till here

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

absolute joy

hai uolls

Getting in mood to write today.Actually, i am just coming back from Kelantan as i am being there  for certain reason.Being together with my family is totally a bliss.A moment that i don't want to miss it.
In a simply words i can instantly say that i love being in Kelantan.Totally awesome and  i think that no words able to express my feeling now.I love everything there, the food,the air and etc.I love the scent of my room after rain.It is perfumes with the scent of wood,soil,green plant that are mixing together and makes a perfect combination.And i never smell that kind of scent in any other off,show off,,

Did i tell you about the food in Kelantan??Most of them are extra sweet but i love some.
Do you know the favorite dessert?? It is 'jala mas'.It is yellow in color and have the texture like 'jala'.Thats why Kelatanese call it as 'jala mas'.Before this, my mom only bought it during the Ramadan but now she will buy it every time she goes to KB.Oh no!!will i get diabetes after this??HELP!!

What else ya
How about 'satar'??
I don't know on how to describe this food.Just what i know that it is made from fish and bla bla bla.This will be wrapped in banana leaf.All i can say that that 'satar' is extra delicious when it is spicy.You better try it by yourself.

Moreover,the price there is quite reasonable.You can bargain the prize here.Get a better discount except at MC DONALD or  any other fast food branch.It is inevitable.

Although it takes 8 hours to travel from KB to KL,we don't mind at all.Its worth it as we get fully satisfaction being there

There lot of interesting things there but no ideas race in my mind right now.Maybe i will right another entry about this later.INSHA-ALLAH

till here,