Friday, 31 August 2012

Farewell and goodbye

Farewell is beautiful
A glimpse into the future
Farewell is wonderful
It sets for Adventure

Goodbye is sad
A dive into the past
Goodbye is hard
It memories cast

For old faces must go
Yet new places to go

A chapter opened
And a chapter closed

O Farewell O farewell
How nice if I could tomorrow tell

O Goodbye O goodbye
In thou sweet memories lie

For us you take backward
And make to the past hold
Farewell a' forward
To face the future bold

And today
Yes verily day
With feelings set at bay
These very words I say

Farewell and goodbye
Goodbye and farewell

I say with pleasure and pain
Yes with tears
With grief and joy
Tears of grief and joy 

dealing with nervous


nervous overwhelm me right fingers start to tremble in anxious.thinking about everything i have to face really freaks me out.i do not no on how to express my  feeling right now as it is out of my expertise.Supposedly,i should ready myself 100% with no doubt.But there is still mess plays in my mind telling me to feel nervous.No,,i should not let that absurd whispers play in my mind.I should get rid of that right now........Right now Azliana!!!.No delay

Azliana,you should be brave.You are already a  big girl you now.Believe in yourself that you can survive there.As long as you perform your salah with no miss and never forget to recite any surah in Holy Quran everything gonna be alright.Ensure that your sole mission there is to achieve victory in your life so that everyone around you will fake a smile seeing you on graduation day.Avoid yourself from any disturbance that will interfere and cease you to achieve victory.Do not easily get influenced.When you want to do any nonsense things,you should thinking about your lovely parents.Will still be a joy in their eyes seeing you down.I know that you can not stand seeing the agony in their eyes.

Remember Allah always Azliana.Never negligate Him.Be A good devoter.What He had bestowed to you is something that He  planned to you.He do not give what you need but He gives what you want.You pray to Him to give the best things to you and what you have right now maybe a best thing ever.The complications that you have is something that He knows that you can resist it.

Your journey is still long.Many things you have to face.Not just only at UTM.

Brace yourself for goodbye.It is all what you have to do.The first moment maybe quite difficult for you as you have to miss your family.Promise me Azliana that no tears on that day.Do as usual.Thinking that this leave is not a permanent one.Just temporary.Also,thinking that this battle should be together with a victory...You are not a loser.

Azliana, you are writing this at 12.50 on 1 sept 2012.This is your promise..Better fulfill it

till here..

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

bliss moments during hari raya.

Salam uolls

Seriously, my heart trembles with excitement because  i'll back toKelantan today!!,i am not a good writer.Thus,i could not find appropriate words to express my feeling right now. When i write this entry,my lappy blaring with raya song.Absolute joy.

Another 3 days,we'll celebrating HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI

The true facts about HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI

On the night before Hari Raya,i'll give a helping hand to prepare some foods for Hari Raya.My beloved mom,loves to cook some of mouth watering foods for that day.Usually,she'll cook nasi dagang,homemade nasi kapit,gulai ayam as we'll ate it with roti jala and so many more.For the first on this Hari Raya,she promises us to bake a cake.What kind of cake still be a mystery.We'll know it soon.And not forgetting ,we''ll switch on the radio and listen to lagu


After waking up,my mom and my father we'll perform solat sunat hari raya at masjid.It is the must for them to do so every year.While my sisters and i only perform it when we're 'berkesempatan'.It reminiscence me of how grateful we are after we'll able to accomplish our fasting time with a victory.It also reminiscence me of how lucky we are to have a good life.We  still manage to celebrate this Hari Raya with a new attires,a new sandals or simply we  could say everything on Hari Raya  will be a  new one.How about the citizen of Somalia??Do they have water to drink?a delicious food to eat?a new cloth to wear?Poor them.Supposedly we should grateful with all that we have.Not complaining  about these and these.Gratitude to ALLAH that  bestows  us with a good life.Alhamdulillah we are born as  a Muslim and He had chose us to be in His Paradise.How magnificent our life will be if we are in Paradise. Imagining ourselves sitting on a soft cushion near a waterfall and there is river flowing underneath us..Awesome.

Lets back to my story then.After performing solat sunat hari raya,we'll visit our close relatives and neigbours.On that day,we really implement a good bond of community i back to home,my sisters and brothers start to distribute' duit raya ' to my niece and nephew.Well it is including me by the way.As i am the youngest in my family,i got large amount of duit raya.Yeay!!..I'll take them with no hesitate.
Then,photography time!!
The moment that i waiting for.This is couple of pictures that i took on last hari raya

watie,  ira and me
my happy family

my sisters and i

with my lovely parents

The night,we'll make barbecue!!Hooray!!So much fun.It is not the food that we really matter but the  moment we're being together 'bakar ayam,ikan and etc' will be a precious moment in our life.That night also we do not need any disturbance from 'kanak-kanak ribena'.So,my brother in law will buy a stalk of 'bunga api for them to play

It is all that i can describe about my Hari Raya time.It is simple but unforgettable.All i can say ALHAMDULILLAH. Last but not least,just want to wish you

  till here,                                    

Thursday, 9 August 2012



I don't know why i am too nostalgic right know,but surely i really miss friends of mine.More than that,it makes me become more helpless as  i 'have to' miss them .I couldn't  imagine a life without a friend.Will it become a joy  ??

As i reminiscence the memories with them makes me laugh till i cry.We did a lot of 'things' together.From a primary school till i attend the college.What hurting me so much is i do not 'too' remember my sweet      memories when i was in primary school.There are still couple of  memories  that still breathing in my mind.I still remember the moment we ate 'laksa penang' together after the school time.Ii was awesome!! We'll make it as a routine and the laksa penang is absolutely marvellos.I also remember when we held the 'jamuan'.Every single person will bring their own foods.So many foods as i remember.There are bihun,agar-agar and so many more.Not forgetting the balloons  and candies.To make it more interesting  we will sit in a long row from one class to entire class.So much fun.

F0r my high school
We did many crazy things.From form one till form three,i attended MJSC PASIR TUMBOH.During this time,we really becoming true Kelantanese.All of us there are pure Kelatanese.Thus.there is not much change of lifestyle there as we speak 'loghat kelate' with no interference of outsider.Everywhere we go,we'll speak kelate even with our MJSC Pasir Tumboh  marks thousand memories in my mind.At pasir tumboh,we now what is true friendship means.At pasir tumboh,we learn on how to respect the teachers. At pasir tumboh  we learn on how to be survive without the help from our family.At pasir tumboh becoming a point for us to learn the meaning of independent

batch 09-10 at MJSC PENGKALAN CHEPA will be the greatest batch in history.Here,we have such a great competition.Everybody competes to be the best to achieve a good result as a good result will promise you a bright future.Seriousness overwhelm us and no more fooling around. Every single second is tough?? .Here we study very hard to appease everyone including our teachers and parents.The moment i got scolded by Biology's teacher,cikgu Suhaila as i did not finish my homework will be  unforgettable moment in my life.Tears rolling down my face.At first it really bugging me because not only me that do not finish homework.There is stiil couple of my friends that do it so.Why she chose me??Am i the chosen one.Like i am marked to get scolded on that,But now i realize that she scolded me because she wanted me to gain victory in my life,Alhamduliilah,Finally i manage to get A minus in cikgu.

Then i becoming 'anak perantauan'  as i went to KOLEJ MATRIKULASI PERAK.So far away  from my homwtown.Luckily i had such a good companies,Niney and,The double N.Then there,I befriended with many people from any state,Johor,Perak.KL. and so many more.You know,the competition here is extra superb.Can you imagine,we have to finish our syllabus only in one year.To make it more fantastic,we need to compete with Chinese.Whoa!!all i can say  the life there is totally killing.

Finally,my ultimate battle will be at UNIVERSITY TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA.
I do not on how to live there.It bewilders me till now.Scare and happy.Hopefully i can survive there.Take evrything as a challlange

till here,,,

GENG KITA mantoppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



btw,,entry 2day nak cite sket sal GENG KITE nie,,,,haha,,sebenrnye geng nie d tubuhkan,,acece,,macam pertubuhan rasmi plop,,,ciap ade tarikh penubuhan lgy,,,x de la,,sbnr nye kite org attending e same scol pd thun 2006 till 2008,,,kat MRSM PT,group kite org nie terdiri drp 8 org dat is FAZLEEN,ADILAH,AZRIN,FATIN,ATHIRAH,FAUZAH,BALQIS n me AZLIANA,,hehe,,mc lyn,,one of our grup dah buat entry psal geng kita nie tp aq nak tmbah sket2 la

actually,,kite org x la ade precise name for our grup btw,,,,entah macam mane nama nie buleh timbul aq x sure la,n paling mantop sekali kan,,,grup nie ciap ade lagu lagi,,,LAGU KITA,,ala lagu AIZAT tue kan,,,hehe,,,

masa kat PT la moment paling bez dalam idup setakat nie la,,,,sebb nye kat PT kan kite org nie gile2 sket,,,haha,,,kalau bab karaoke nie kite org la champion,,,,bayangkan balqis tue ciap ade buku lagu lagi untuk kite orunk nyanyi,,haha,,pagi2 b4 p scol dah start memekak,,,habis tension suma junior2 kat bilik sebelah,,hehe,,

tue,,baru masuk bab menyanyi,,x masuk bab ngorat ustaz atau pown abg2 hensem yg dtg kat PT yg jadik iman solat terawih,,haha,,,bab nie aq nak cite sket psal sorg student UM nilam puri,,nama nya AZUHAN,,die nie yg jadik iman solat terawih kat scol kite org la,,die nie x de la hensem sngt pown,.,tp ade la rupa,,,kalau bndingkn ngan TAYLOR LAUTNER aq tue,,,,1000x lebih hensem TAYLOR LAUTNER,,hehe,,,x abih2 la ngan TWILIGHT,,okeh,,back to AZUHAN  nie kan,,,dalam grup kite orunk FAUZAH aka  POJAH nie la yg minat gile kat AZUHAN tue,,hehe,,,ciap selalu jadik stalker masa bukak puasa,,kan AZUHAN tue berbuka satu ds ngan kite org so,,kite org pown selalu la curi2 intai,,haha,,,n peristiwa paling lucu pulak mase hari last AZUHAN kat pt,,hehe,,,sngup la p sembhyang subuh kat surau semata2 nk dgr kuliah subuh terakhir die walau pown sblum nie jarang p smbhyang subuh kat surau kan

nie bab jalan2 cari makan pulak,,,,kite orunk time weekend,,jumaat malam tue,,kite org akan spend duit dalam rm5 tuk membeli kat kafe luar,,hehe,,,selalu la order nasik goreng paprik la,,mee goreng basah la n bnyak la lgy,,hehe,,,ciap ade yg berdating,,,,tp bukn aq la,,,

tue la sedikit sebnyak cerita psal GENG KITA nie,,kalau nak crite suma psal kite org nie memg x abis la kot,,hehe,,bnyak sngt kerenah kite org,,hehe,,tp kite org akan sentiasa kawan,,,bab kata mat salleh fren 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha

jom aq perkenalkan ahli group kami,,,hehe








n most importantly is
azliana,,aq la ni,,hehe

mase hari last kite org bersama,,seingat aq masa kika la,,,aq nie dgn baik hati nye menyedekahkan cadar ku kepada mek tin ngan beqih untuk mencanting memories kite orunk kat cadar aq,,so aq pown snap la couples of pic,,tngok ye


nie pulak aq nak merakamkan gambar2 yg kite orunk ambek mase kite org bersama,,,,


                                                   COMEL KAN KITE ORG?????




Monday, 6 August 2012



What we are today is what ALLAH had planned for us.Human proposes  but ALLAH disposes .We can only plan what we want.We make our fully effort to achieve it,we pray,then leave it to ALLAH to do the rest.If we are destined to get it then we will get it.

Express yourself and change yourself if it will lead to a better life.

till here,,

miss them!!

Salam uolls

i'm just coming back from Kelantan. I spend 2 days there.A memorable time as i can buy any foods that i adore and i  totally  enjoyed  the moment of berbuka puasa with my family.Actually,i'm being in Kelantan for  certain reasons.Firstly,i want to do my medical check up and secondly i want to send my beloved parents back to my homeland.Joy and sorrow are making a perfect combination  right now.Joy because i can get any foods that i want  as i craved for them for a long period of time.Sorrow because i have to come to kl without the presence of my parents.There are  the days that still breaths in my memories when i received them here and all of sudden it feels so lonely again.

My mom

  1. cook  marvelous dishes for us tuk berbuka puasa
  2. force me to go to masjid and perform terawih together
  3. clean up our house everyday (even she was tired)
  4. put a smile on my face everytime she insisted that she want a new sofa,a new jubah,washing machine and etc (she will never stop until she get them)
  5. never hesitate to give me everything i want (the useful things la)
  6. i love the way she makes the jokes with my father (gurau2 syang gitu )
  7. with my mom around,my laziest soul turns up to do any house chores.lo

My father

  1. a strict one
  2. dlam hati ade taman
  3. a discipline one
  4. everyday with his newspaper
  5. politic is his favorite 

In a simply words,i could say that i'm gonna miss them even we'll separated for two weeks only.I love them with all of my heart.

till here,,