Thursday, 25 October 2012


since i believe that a picture is worth a thousand words,so i just update some of pictures that i captured last sunday  on syok'12,

with mina

OMG!!!awesome's girl stand by me

awesome's girl again

3 stooges

happy family

do i look 'ayu' here???ahakz

kinah and zaf

bile girls are taking picture


i do not know the function of balloon there

do i look like a caring mom??

krew syok'12

my mata mcam x men da

sweet syaza n nabil

do not know what to say

with kak fatih,,our ketua unit

the purple one is my roomate,yatt

my classmate,,are we awesome???ahakz

posing tepi tangga pon jadik la

lastly,,,syok oh!!!


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