Sunday, 11 November 2012

my old friends of mine

Assalmualaikum awesome people

i realize that i do not update anything about my life for a long time.Well it is not because a future engineer(insyaALLAH) was overwhelmed by the hectic life,it is because of me that lazy to write.LOL.I know it is sounds stupid for a blogger to say that 'i am lazy to write' but i am still a normal person that have a couple of bad things that linger over me.

Actually,this post is totally about my friends or i can say that my old friends.Precisely,my friends of mine at mjsc pasir tumboh.I have seven awesome friends that we called us as 'Geng Kita' and we have our special song that is 'lagu kita'.

I do not know what was happened.Suddenly i miss all of them.Now,we are not close like before.There are boundaries between us.Distance separates us.When there was gathering,i am the one who was absence.I know that it was my fault but what else could i do.Whenever they held the reunion,i'll be at kuala lumpur.It is just like i am marked to not meet with them.Saddness overwhelms  me but i know that even we rarely meet each other,the meaning of true friendship is still in ourselves forever and ever.I miss all of you.