Monday, 7 January 2013

meet with my busuk boy!!

hai awesome people!!!

i'm getting in mood to write something here.Suddenly,the image of this busuk boy come accrosss my mine.Meet with my busuk boy



I miss him damn much.So miss him.Its have been a long time we did not meet each other. Reminiscence the first day you came to this world,you are so small, beautiful, fragile.I do not have the courage to hold you on that time.I regret for that.On that time,i'm just look at you from far,but still i manage to fake a smile.I had waiting for you for a long time.When you were in your mom's tummy,i spoke to you  and i really hope you heard that.

When i got the news that your mom had delivered you safely,i thanks to Allah for bringing this precious price to my family.We really took a good care of you.From the first day till now.You had grown up tremendously.And one thing you have to know mr.harith afnan...that you are the apple of my eye.You have to believe that true fact.

Friday, 4 January 2013



don't ask me why it had been a long time i do not post anything here.Just one thing i want to share that i'm getting lazy lately.Seriously no kidding,I do not know what was happening but one thing i am so sure that i'm getting more lazy compare to my life at matriculation.At KMPK,every single second is precious.But here,,everybody was rilex and drags me to feel the same way just like them.Sumone pleaseeeee wake me up!!!!!!!!!!